Dear Nanostone Customers:

The purpose of this letter is clarify the history of acquisitions as they relate to the Rochem brand products and Nanostone Water Inc. There have been many transactions throughout the history of this product line that have complicated the use of the name and past references. Hopefully this outline will provide facts that will enable effective marketing going forward.

In 1997 Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung GmbH sold the Disk Tube technology to Pall Corporation. In that transaction the company and name of Rochem remained a business. Subsequent to the sale Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung GmbH launched the Spacer Tube product to directly compete with the Disk Tube technology.

In December 2014, UAC Finance, a wholly owned entity of True North Venture Partners (TNVP), acquired the original Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung Spacer Tube technology and certain Disk Tube related assets from Ultura (Oceanside). The assets acquired included, but were not limited to:

In December 2014 after the acquisition of the Ultura (Oceanside) Inc. assets, TNVP transferred ownership of UAC Finance to Nanostone Water, Inc.

In December 2014 after all of the transactions were finalized, UAC Finance, officially changed its name to Sepro Membranes, Inc(a sub-company of Nanostone Water)

Following these transactions Nanostone would promote the Nanostone brand going forward, and decided to abandon the Rochem trademark held in Germany later.

We understand that certain companies previously associated with the past Rochem businesses are claiming they are the owner of the intellectual property. We, through Sepro Membranes Inc, are the legal owners without any liens or encumbrances of all of the active intellectual property for the spacer tube technologies, all the product reference, and we will defend any infringement on our intellectual property.

We hope that this letter provides you with complete and absolute clarity regarding our ownership of ST and DT product lines. We remain available and are happy to answer any additional questions that you or your customers may have.


这封信的目的是澄清收购的历史,因为他们涉及到Rochem品牌、产品和Nanostone公司。在这个产品线的历史上发生了多次交易从而造成名称使用和过往业绩的复杂化。 希望这个澄清能把事实说清楚,有助于有市场推广。

1997年,Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung GmbH公司向Pall公司出售了DTRO技术。完成交易后Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung GmbH推出了STRO产品直接与DT技术竞争。

2014年12月True North Venture Partners(TNVP)的全资子公司UAC Finance,从Ultura(Oceanside)收购了原Rochem RO Wasserbehandlung GmbH的资产, 包括但不限于:

在2014年12月完成收购后后,TNVP将UAC Finance的所有权转让给Nanostone Water,Inc.

在所有交易结束后,2014年12月,UAC Finance正式更名为Sepro Membranes,Inc.(Nanostone Water的子公司)

在上述的交易完成后,纳诺斯通决定推广和使用Nanostone品牌, 随后放弃了对Rochem这个商标的保护。

我们了解到现在某些公司因为以前与Rochem有相关业务,声称他们是知识产权的所有者。通过Sepro Membranes,纳诺斯通公司是原Rochem DTRO 和STRO合法的无任何滞留权的所有者,包括产品的所有知识产权和所有产品业绩。 我们将捍卫侵犯我们知识产权的行为。


Brian Wise
Global Product Manager

10250 Valley View Road, Suite 143
Eden Prairie, MN  55344